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In $dMONEY$'s family his mom always had a voice and His uncle George you could catch singing from time to time so he was introduced to music as a kid. At a young age he watched the movie "Woo" and at the end of the movie a song called "Regulators" came on and it was from then on He knew what He wanted to do. He wrote his first rap at the age of 9 called "The Devils Creation" He also helped form a group called "lil soldiers" with His little brother and performed his first show ever at the age of 12 at Creighton University. He dropped His first mixtape "Day 1" in 2012 , Dropped "Day 2" In 2014, and a mix tape with His little brother (Cypha) called "The Hunger" In 2016, In 2017 He obtained His GED from the E.O.C In Schenectady, NY. From there he went to '' The Ohio Media Broadcasting School" To graduate in media and broadcasting, Then going back early 2019 and graduating with Audio Engineering and DJ Services. He lost his brother late 2019 from gun violence and went back to his city of Omaha, Nebraska and dropped "Day 3" **RIP Amrian** In 2021 He started His own record label/LLC Called ONTOPPRECORDS and He stared attending open mics at the Wired Pub with Nappy Face Ent witch led him to more show opportunities Throughout 21-22 and a Insane Event in Las Vegas For "Da Chronic Tales World Premiere" In September 2022 He signed with the independent label "Nappy Face Entertainment" and you can look forward to ton's of high quality and deep meaning content for years to come!

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