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In The Midst Of The Y2k Scare, Within The Heart Of The Windy City Itself... Life Was Given To One Mindless Creature, But One Thing's For Sure... Talent, Drive, and Determination Was Far From Absnt With This One.

In His Early Year's Around 7-8 You Could Find AbsntMinded Studying The Art Of Skateboarding, Music, and The Street Art Culture. After Dropping Out Of Highschool To Focus His Time Fully On Skateboarding He Would Eventually Land Himself In The Arizona Homestead With a Skateboarding Sponsorship From Phoenix Skateboards!

Without a Ton Of Musical Inspirations Around Him, and A Few Injuries Under His Belt Absnt Knew His Heart Didn't Belong In Arizona Anymore... Traveling From Omaha, To Arizona, To Denver, To California and Back Again Absnt Has Learned What Life's Like Living On The Road and It's Showcased With Every Ounce Of Talent He Has.

Influenced By The Like's Of California's Skate Culture and a Midwest Homebrewed Sound You're Sure To Find a AbsntMinded Song To Fit Your Mood.

With a Mix Of Melodic Rhyme Schemes, A Beat Choice That Will Give You Shivers, and The Recent Switch To Omaha's Independent Label Nappy Face Entertainment We Have a Feeling AbsntMinded Will Be a House Hold Name In No Time At All!

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